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dermalogica facial treatments are a state of the art skin care system utilising the latest advances in ingredient technology with age old treatment traditions to optimise skin health.  All treatments are tailor made to each individual client to gain maximum results.  We are trained therapists who have trained at the International Dermal Institute.

Using dermalogica products and face mapping skin analysis we specialise in treatments which customised to your skin’s current needs.

Prescriptive Facial
Your therapist will create an exfoliation treatment, customised to your skin’s individual needs, revealing remarkable results after just one treatment and even better results after a series of treatments combining dermalogica’s new intense exfoliation accelerator with one of their current professional strength exfoliants, you’ll get a treatment like never before.
1 hour                                                                    £42

Multivitamin Power Facial
The latest in vitamin repair, designed to treat environmentally damaged and prematurely ageing skin to noticeably improve skin elasticity tone and texture.
45 minutes.                                                            £35

The Express Facial
This achieves maximum results in minimum time.
30 minutes.                                                            £32

Little Lady’s Facial
Fantastic for children, under 16 years of age.  Not only a complete treat but also an educational experience.
30 minutes.                                                            £30

Steam, extraction and / or Milia removal
30 minutes.                                                            £25

Men’s Exclusive Facial
dermalogica skin care customised for men’s specific concerns.  Deep pressure point massage to improve tired dulled skin.
1 hour                                                                    £42

dermalogica Spa Body Treatments
For centuries, spa body therapy treatments have been embraced for their revitalising and therapeutic effects.  From ancient mineral hot springs to modern seaweed wraps, these treatments detoxify your body, distress your mind and revitalise your skin.

Hydro-Active Mineral Scrub
A natural mineral-rich sea salt, dried seaweed and enzymes combined to remove the body’s toxins and dead skin using a friction massage this treatment smoothes and exfoliates your body leaving you free of dulling skin.
30 minutes.                                                            £30

Body Foliation Therapy
Ideal for sensitive and prematurely ageing skin. Body foliation therapy is a gentle, soothing and super smoothing alternative for skin conditions traditionally irritated by salt scrub exfoliation.
45 minutes.                                                            £28

Purifying Back Therapy Treatment
A deep, cleansing removal of excess oils for the whole back.  Good for those suffering from acne, or even congestion and blocked pores.  Includes deep cleanse, steam, exfoliations and massage.
45 minutes.                                                            £35

Enzymatic Sea Mud Wrap
This wrap being the most detoxifying spa treatment, using a warm and purifying seaweed and mineral mud poultice infused with aromatic extracts and fruit enzymes.  This treatment includes dry body brushing, a hydro active mineral salt scrub whilst relaxing with the warmth of the sea weed your therapist will carry out an express facial and finish with a lymph massage - Absolute heaven.
1 hour 15 minutes.                                                 £49

Multivitamin Power Recovery Wrap
The Multivitamin pack is fantastic for all skin conditions, especially prematurely aging, dry, sensitive and irritated skin. Using dermalogica body microfoliant to remove all dry skin leaving your skin ready to absorb dermalogica’s nourishing multivitamin power recovery pack. This also includes an express facial & scalp massage, finishing with ultra rich body cream – pure heaven.
1 hour 15 minutes                                                  £49

Pamper Packages

Just for you
Mini manicure, back, neck and shoulder and an express facial
1hour 30 minutes                                       £85
Shellac upgrade                                        £91

Just for him
Men’s exclusive facial, followed with men’s manicure & pedicure
2 hour 15 minutes                                      £85

LB Signature Treatment
Be pampered from head to toe with a full body massage or a back, neck and shoulder massage followed by a customised dermalogica prescriptive facial. This treatment will leave you feeling totally rejuvenated.
2 hours                                                       £81
1 hour 30 minutes                                       £71

Full body massage or Back, Neck and Shoulder massage  -  followed with an Indian head massage.
1 hour 30 minutes                                       £73
1 hour                                                         £63

Pre-holiday package
Full leg, bikini, brow shape, eye lash tint, manicure & pedicure. Then you’re all ready to go! - £99
Shellac upgrade £106

Mum to be
Put together a package that suits your needs from our wide range of treatments.  Phone for more information and costs.  Pure indulgence for pregnant ladies.

Hen Parties & Bridal packages
Get prepared for your special day!

Why not book a party for your close friends and family – refreshments can be arranged

Top to toe melt-down

Group Bookings
Book a sienna x spray tan and or shellac polish party for 5 people including yourself and get yours for FREE.

Manicure and Pedicure
File and polish (Hands or Feet)
15 minutes                                                  £13
Manicure – File, Cuticle work and Polish
45 minutes                                                  £24
OPI Luxury Manicure – File, Cuticle work, exfoliation, thermal mitts, hand & arm massage and polish.
1 hour                                                         £28
Little ladies manicure – age 16 and under
45 minutes                                                  £23
Men’s Manicure – File cuticle work, massage and buff
30 minutes                                                  £21
Soak, toes nails cut, shaped, cuticle work, exfoliation, removal of hard skin, massage and polish
1 hour                                                         £31.50
OPI Luxury Pedicure
Soak, exfoliation, cut and shape toe nails, remove dead skin, thermal booties and relaxing leg & foot massage.
1 hour 15 minutes                                       £34
Men’s pedicure – non polish
45 minutes                                                  £27

Shellac is the breakthough!


  Patent pending UV3 technology that combines the ease of polish with the performance of gels.
  A true innovation in chip-free, extended-wear colour.
Shellac applies like polish - no pots - just a bottle and a brush . . .
and removal in just 10 minutes! No filing. No drills.

  The results? 14 day, glorious, high-gloss shine that's truly addictive!

Shellac file and polish
Shellac f & p hands and feet
Manicure with shellac polish
Shellac luxury manicure
Shellac Pedicure
Shellac luxury pedicure

£ 5


File & Polish - Available now £25


This polish with last 14 days with no chipping.
Dries instantly and no waiting around for your nails to dry.
Fantastic - book now.

Massage and Holistic Therapies

 Body Massage
A hands on firm massage pressure which helps to release muscular tension and stimulates blood flow and lymphatic system.  Increases muscle tone, detoxifies acid waste in tissues, relaxes the nerves, assists in oxygenating tissues and soothes the psyche.

Full Body Massage –
1 hour.                                                        £44
Back, Neck and Shoulder –
30 minutes.                                                 £34
Leg and Foot massage –
45 minutes.                                                 £34

Very deep tissue massage available
also, courses recommended for best results

Pregnancy Massage
Full Body
1 hour 15 minutes                                        £47
Back, Neck and Shoulder
45 minutes                                                  £37

The Essensa Hot Stone Therapy Treatment
An exclusive signature treatment of Essensa, the hot stone therapy treatment is unique in comparison to others, in that products are tailored to suit each client’s need.

We use hot / warm basalt stones to massage (in place of manual massage) which has very positive effects of increasing circulation, metabolism, lymphatic function, as well as deeply relaxing the muscles.

The Essensa hot stone therapy is for anyone who wants to feel better while having a different and unique experience.  While the skin and body is improved by the essential oils of the skin treatment, the stones are working on the energies and whole being of the person providing a true holistic therapy
1 hour 15 minutes                                       £47

Hot Stone Back Massage
45 minutes                                                  £37

Indian Head Massage
An ancient Indian head massage for scalp, neck and shoulders.  Improves blood flow and relieves stress and tension.  Fantastic for migraine sufferers, sinus blockages and head and eye tension.
30 minutes.                                                 £34

Hopi Ear Candle
Ear candles have a light suction action and movement of the flame creates a vibration of air in the ear candle, generating a massage like effect on the eardrum.  Its soothing benefits which can help treat excessive or compacted wax, snoring, pressure regulation for sinusitis, rhinitis, glue ear, colds, flue, headaches and migraine.  Also benefiting frequent air travel, swimming, or people who partake in scuba diving and many more.
The benefits have been well known and confirmed by doctors worldwide.
30 minutes                                                  £28

Gezanne - Non-Surgical
Ultimate facial toning system
The facial toning unit is designed to achieve facial toning by stimulating nerve endings to improve tone in muscle tissue.
With dual output micro current between galvanic and faradic you can achieve both facial toning and improve circulation.
Maximum results with minimal time and no discomfort.  For optimum results, a course of ten – fifteen is recommended over a four or five week period.  On course completion, one treatment every three to four weeks is recommended.
1 hour                                                         £36

Revitalising Eye Treatment
Bring the sparkle back to your eyes using our Gezanne non surgical facial machine.  Reduce dark circles, puffiness, excess water and help to revive the colour and sparkle back to those tired over worked eyes.
45 minutes                                                  £32

sienna X Spray Tan - * Great for Weddings *
Book in as a party – 5 or more, 1 free.

Whatever your skin type, there's a sienna X for you

Tinting – patch test required
Eye lash tint                                 30 minutes                            £13
Eye brow tint                                15 minutes                            £ 8
Lash & brow tint                           30 minutes                            £18
Eye lash perm                               1 hour                                  £30
Eye lash perm & tint
                                                     1 hour                                   £35

Party Lash extensions (temporary)                                                    £20

Individual Cashmere Lashes
Full Set                                                  2 hours                                     £55
In-Fills                                                   1 hour                                        £30

Waxing :
Semi permanent hair removal lasting 3 – 6 weeks, using honey wax.
Eye Brow Shape                          15 minutes                       £ 9
Eye Brow Tidy                              15 minutes                       £ 7
Upper Lip                                     15 minutes                       £ 5
Chin Wax                                     15 minutes                       £ 6
Lip & Chin Wax                            15 minutes                       £ 10
Full Face                                             30 minutes                            £15
Half Leg                                       30 minutes                        £ 15
¾ Leg                                          30 minutes                        £ 19
Full Leg                                       45 minutes                        £ 23
Full Leg, Bikini                             1 hour                              £ 30
Full Leg, Brazilian                        1 hour                              £ 35
Full Leg, Hollywood                     1 hour 15 minutes            £42
Bikini                                          15 minutes                         £11
Brazilian                                     15 minutes                         £18
Hollywood                                   30 minutes                        £25
Under arm                                   15 minutes                        £ 8
Half arm                                      15 minutes                        £12
Full arm                                      30 minutes                        £16
Back Wax                                   30 minutes                        £19
Chest wax                                   30 minutes                        £19
Back & Chest                               1 hour                               £35
Abdomen                                     30 minutes                       £10


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Consultations are available for every treatment, which is free of charge.

dermalogica products are retailed with a large range in skin care for face and body.

dermalogica gift vouchers are available for any treatment or amount and even skin care products. They must be used within
nine months of the purchase date.

We only accept cash or cheque payments with cheque guarantee card.

Please note, 24 hour notice of a cancellation is required or a 25% of treatment fee will be charged. 

A free patch test is required 24 hours prior to an eye lash tint or lash perm  for all new clients. 

Courses available on all beauty treatments

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